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Bentonite Minerals

Name and Composition - A special assemblage of clay minerals, viz. montmorillonite: (Mg, Ca) O Al2 O3 5SiO2.nH2O(n=5-7) (Hydrous aluminum silicate) and Beidellite: AI2O33SiO2.4H2O (Hydrous aluminum silicate).

Physical Properties - It has high bonding property. 2.4 - 2.8, fusion point varies from 1330 C to 1430 C.

Mode of Occurrence - Sedimentary bedded deposit.

Uses - Sodium bentonite is used for pelletization of iron ore, in foundry and oil well drilling. it is used as a suspending agent in oil well drilling fluids. Bentonite gels are used as a carrier for a number of cosmetic preparations, tooth paste, creams etc. Bentonite is also used in chemical, rubber, insecticide and pesticide industries, in civil construction work etc. Poor grade bentonite having least swelling property is used in ceramic industries.

Mineral based Industries – Pluverisering units.

Industrial Prospects – Pluverisering units.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
6 to 6.5
2.4 to 2.8
3 g/cm3
Chemical Properties
Silica (SiO2)
Alumina (Al2O3)
Potassium Oxide (K2O)
Sodium Oxide (Na2O)
Calcium Oxide (CaO)
Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3)
Manesium Oxide (MgO)
66.60 %
17.60 %
< 0.31 %
< 2.50 %
< 0.57 %
< 3.67 %
< 1.80 %
< 1.67 %
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