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Garnet Minerals

Name and Composition - The garnet are silicates of di & trivalent metals with general formula R32+ R23+ (SiO4)3 where R2+ is Ca, Mg, Fe & Mn & R 3+ is Fe, AI, Cr or Ti. The six varieties of garnets are grossularite, pyrope, almandine, spesartrite, andradite & uvarovite.

Physical Properties - The garnet crystalises in cubic system and occurs as rhombo dodecahedran & trapezohedran crystals or combination of both, the colour is pale green, yellow, pink, crimson red, brownish red & dark brown 3.5 to 4.19 & hardness 7 to 7.5.

Mode of Occurrence - Garnet is found associated with different igneous & metamorphic rocks. Generally it occurs in garnetiferous mica schist, as fine to coarse (as large as cricket ball size) crystals.

Uses - Vastly used to manufacture emery coated abrasive paper, cloth, discs for grinding and finishing glass, wood rubber, plastic, leather and metal products. In powder form, it is used in making lapping & buffing compounds; fine powder is used in non-skid floors, paints, spark plugs cleaning and plate glass grinding. The clear, flawless and rich coloured deep blood red and maroon green garnets are used as semi precious stones (gems).

Mineral based Industries – Abrasives (paper, cloth, disc) and gem processing units.

Industrial Prospects – Abrasive and gem processing units.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
7 to 7.5
3.5 to 4.19
Conchoidal to uneven
Chemical Properties
Refractive index
1.72 – 1.94
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