Natural Indian Minerals
Lignite Minerals

Name and Composition - A low grade fossil fuel representing an intermediate stage in the alteration of wood into coal. Carbon with impurities like clays having 1200 to 3000

Physical Properties - It is brown to dark brown coloured mineral having moisture and impressions and remnants of fragments of vegetation, leaves etc. in soils figure.

Mode of Occurrence - Sedimentary organic deposits found associated with tertiary formations. It occurs at depth varying from 45 to 300 m and more.

Uses - It is fuel mineral used for power generation and in iron, cement, fertilizer, brick, boiler, chemical, glass, textile, and other industries.

Mineral based Industries – Thermal power plant.

Industrial Prospects – Ample scope for establishing lignite based thermal power plants. It may also be used as fuel in the cement and bricks making, in fertilizer and textile industries in the state.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
Refractive index
2.5 to 4
1.30 to 1.34
8.65 g/cm3
Chemical Properties
60 to 70 %
6 to 19 %
10 to 20 MJ/kg
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