Natural Indian Minerals
Ochre Minerals

Name and Composition - Natural pigments, variable hydrous ferric oxide, mainly Goethite: Fe2O3nH2O with some clayey minerals and other impurities.

Physical Properties - It is yellow, reddish brown coloured earthy forms of limonite.

Mode of Occurrence - Occurs as bedded & pocket deposit.

Uses - Used in paint, cement, rubber, glass, linoleum, plastic industries and foundries, oil paints, lacquers, primers and also for imparting colour to paper and cement.

Mineral based Industries – Paint, moulding industries, and cement industries.

Industrial Prospects – Paint, moulding industries.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
Refractive Index
4.0 to 5.5
3.0 to 3.5
2.260 to 2.398
2.9 to 4.3 g/cm3
Chemical Properties
Chemical formula
Antimony Ochre, Bismuth Ochre, Iron Ochre, Lead Ochre and Molybdic Ochre.
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