Natural Indian Minerals
Pyrite Minerals

Name and Composition - Iron sulphide (also called Fool's Gold): FeS2.

Physical Properties - Generally occurs as bronze yellow to pale brass yellow coloured cubes or pentagonal/dodecahedral crystals having striated faces. Lusture is metallic, streak is greenish black or brownish black, hardness: 6-6.5; 4.8-5.1.

Mode of Occurrence - Pyrite is generally found associated with basemetals as syn-sedimentary deposits. In saladipura, it is also of the same nature (syn-sedimentary).

Uses - Used in raw form as alkaline soil conditioner, for manufacturing of sulphuric acid, in iron & steel, chemical (for carbon disulphide and dye stuff), explosive, paper, pesticide, sugar etc. industries.

Mineral based Industries – None in the state.

Industrial Prospects – Sulphuric acid manufacturing plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, pulverisers etc.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
6 to 6.5
4.8 to 5.1
Metallic, glistening
4.8–5 g/cm3
Insoluble in water
Chemical Properties
Chemical Formula
Formula mass
119.98 g/mol
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