Natural Indian Minerals
Pyrophylite Minerals

Name and Composition - Hydrous aluminium, Al2SiO4O10(OH)2.

Physical Properties - Generally massive with a foliated structure similar to talc. Colour is white, off-white, silvery white, apple green, greenish grey and dark green, feel greasy, lusture, vitreous, soft mineral having hardness 1.5 to 2 on Moh's Scale; 2.58 to 2.83.

Mode of Occurrence - Occurs in form of veins and stringers at unconformity planes.

Uses - It is used as filler in paints, carrier for insecticide, in refractories, ceramics etc.

Mineral based Industries – Ceramics, refractories, insecticide industries.

Industrial Prospects – Ceramics, refractories, insecticide industries.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
1.5 to 2
2.58 to 2.83
Flexible inelastic
Pearly to dull
Translucent to opaque
Chemical Properties
Chemical formula
Crystal symmetry
Monoclinic / triclinic
Brown green, brownish yellow, greenish, gray green, gray white
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