Natural Indian Minerals
Shale Schist Phyllite Stones

Name and Composition - Shale and phylite are composed of argillaceous minerals like montmorillonite, illite etc. which are phyllosilicates. Schist mainly consists of mica, garnet, quartz etc. minerals.

Physical Properties - Shale is soft and splintery in nature, while schists/phylities through splintery, but hard in nature.

Mode of Occurrence - Shale occurs as almost sedimentary horizontally disposed bedded deposit while phylitie & schist are metamorphic rocks, having well developed cleavages with low to steep dips.

Uses - Schist & phylite are used as building stones mainly in roofing, paving, shelves; red shales are used as ochres/ pigment; white shales are used as clays.

Mineral based Industries – Edge cutting & greessing units. A few polishing units also exits.

Industrial Prospects – Processing/ dressing units.

Physical Properties
1 to 2.5
Crinkled or Wavy
Variable - black, shades of blue, green, red, brown and buff.
Chemical Properties
Compound Content
Grain size
CaO, Carbon Dioxide, MgO
Heat and water resistance
Very fine-grained; crystals not visible to the naked eye.
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