Natural Indian Minerals
Siliceous Earth Minerals

Name and Composition - Mainly composed of colloidal silica and other siliceous matters. It contains 69 to 81% SiO2 and 4 to 12% Al2O3 with very little CaO, MgO and iron oxide.

Physical Properties - Siliceous earth resembles with chalk or clay. It is homogenous, porous, soft, easily breakable, light weight, very fine grained, usually 'white' coloured sediments consisting chiefly of siliceous material having the dry earthy feel and appearance. It has high absorption power.

Mode of Occurrence - Sedimentary deposits formed due to weathering of rhyolite and other igneous rocks.

Uses - It is used in pharmaceuticals and chemicals; as a filler; as insulating material, mild abrasive etc. it has a role in the purification of beverages, food, water and other liquids.

Mineral based Industries – Grinding & pulverizing units.

Industrial Prospects – Grindling & pulverizing units.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
7 to 7.5
2.57 g/cm3
Pauling scale: 1.90
2.3290 g/cm3
Chemical Properties
69 to 81%
4 to 12%
< 1 %
< 1 %
< 1 %
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