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Soapstone Minerals

Name and Composition - Talc, steatite: Mg3(SiO4O10)(OH)2 (Hydrous magnesium silicate).

Physical Properties - Soapstone is a massive, soft, greenish talcose mineral which is mixture of talc and various other magnesium silicates. Steatite is a compact, massive talcose mineral with no visible grains. It occurs in variegated colours such as white, off white, brown to grey and green. Luster is pearly to earthy, hardness is 1.

Mode of Occurrence - Soapstone occurs in form of veins and stringers generally found associated with dolomite, also seen with ultra basic rocks, schist etc.

Uses - It is used as filler in paper, textile, insecticides, fertilizers, rubber and paints; in low cost ceramics, in electronics and insulation, roofing material, refractory; as retardant and weather resistant; in the manufacture of french chalk, sculpturing cosmetics. Massive steatite is used in acid proof table top in laboratory, laundry and kitchen sinks for lining in alkali tanks of paper industries.

Mineral based Industries – Pulverisers, micronizing units, cosmetics & sculpturing.

Industrial Prospects – Pulverisers, micronizing units, cosmetics & sculpturing.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
Flexural strength
1 to 1.5
2.6 to 2.9
16.8 MN/m²
3 g/cm³
Chemical Properties
Chemical formula
Thermal conductivity
Specific heat capacity
6.4 W/mK
0.98 J/gK
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