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Zinc Ore

Name and Composition - Zinc : Sphalerite (Zinc blende) : ZnS.

Physical Properties - Zinc Ore (sphalerite): Generally occurs as brown coloured tetrahedral or dodecahedral crystals, massive and compact form with resinous to adamantine lusture. Streak is white to reddish brown, 3.9 to 4.0.

Mode of Occurrence - Syn–sedimentary deposits. Mineralization genially occurs as en-echelon shoots/lodes in dolomite, quartz-chlorite-biotite schist, augen gneisses etc.

Uses - Zinc metal is used in electroplating (galvanization), handicrafts, zinc foil, dry batteries, alloy metals etc. Zinc is most commonly used as an anti-corrosion agent, galvanization (coating of iron or steel) is the most familiar form. A widely used zinc alloy is brass, in which copper is alloyed with anywhere from 3% to 45% zinc, depending upon the type of brass.

Mineral based Industries – Zinc smelter, recycling units of Pb-Zn.

Industrial Prospects – Handicrafts, storage battery, dry battery, zinc foil, galvansing industries etc.

Physical Properties
Sp. gr.
Melting point
Boiling point
3.5 to 3.9
3.9 to 4.0
419.53 °C
907 °C
7.14 g/cm3
Chemical Properties
Oxidation states
Atomic number
-2, 0, +1, +2 ​
Pauling scale: 1.65
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